Introducing ODISapka

  • Purchase of an online ticket for travel throughout the Moravian-Silesian Region within the integrated transport system ODIS
  • Cashless check-in, payment by bank credit card
  • Safe contactless check-in
  • Find the nearest stop based on your current location
  • Favourable fares – the same as when paying with an ODIS smart card

What does ODISapka do?


Searching for connections throughout the Moravian-Silesian Region and the ODIS system – buses, trains, public transport


Find by current location, map, or manual


Online purchase of tickets for a search connection

Season tickets

On-line purchase of individual time tickets in selected cities

24 hour ticket

On-line purchase of 24-hour full-line tickets


Overview of departures from the nearest and most sought-after stops


Write to us to help us improve transport within ODIS

Fare refund

Tickets can be returned within 15 minutes before
the beginning of their validity
  • Download the app on Google play or the App store.
  • Sign in to the app using facebook, google account or your email.
  • In the bottom tab, search for where and where you're going and find a connection.
  • Buy a ticket for this connection, using your bank card. Bank
    you can now save your card so that next time you do not have to fill in its
  • The ticket will be displayed in the ticket tab and you can click on the ticket details to see the ticket details. Please note that these tickets start 5 minutes before the departure of the first connection and expire 15 minutes after reaching the destination station!
  • If you buy a ticket later than 5 minutes before the departure of the first connection, the ticket will be valid immediately after payment.
  • Valid ticket: has a green top stripe, a time counting down the time to the end of validity and a rotating protective element.
  • Invalid ticket: has a red top stripe, the time counting down to the beginning of the validity of the ticket.
  • Tickets for selected city zones can also be purchased in the lower ticket tab. Attention, these tickets start to pay 2 minutes after payment at the payment gateway!
  • In the lower departures tab, you can search for connections departing from your selected stop.
  • If you no longer use the ticket you have purchased, it can be cancelled free of charge
    no later than 15 minutes before its expiry date.

App appearance

To facilitate the use of ODISapky, we have created a tutorial that you can download here.


How do I know if my ticket is valid and how do I prove it when in-vehicle inspection?

You can tell a valid ticket by the top green strip with a deduction remaining time of its validity.

A ticket that has not yet started to apply is marked with a red stripe with deduction of the time until its expiry date.

You must click each ticket during the check using the detail option Tickets. Its validity must be seen here (i.e. the green stripe at the top part and countdown), the rotating protection element and the QR code. You can also see all information about the ticket, such as the start and destination stations or Date. The ticket check is now only visually (view), qr code readers are not yet fully equipped.

What does an asterisk mean for the stops shown?
You can mark any stops as favorites with this star. As follows marked stops will then be displayed on the start page in the "Home" section and is used for quick selection in the "Z:" and "To: they had to write down these stops manually.
How do I download and install the app?
Download the app on Google play or the App store.
Will the app be linked to my e-shop account?
Odisapka mobile application is currently not linked to the e-shop www.odiska.cz. In the future, however, the link with the e-shop is planned and for this reason, we recommend that you use the same e-mail that you already use in the application e-shop (but this is not a condition).
How do I create an account?
In the mobile application, you must first register through your facebook account or your Google Account.

If you do not use or do not want to use either of these variants, enter your e-mail and proceed to the next page, where you will fill in your password and you must also agree to the terms and conditions.

As the application is planned to be related to the e-shop in the future, we recommend that you use the same e-mail that you already use on the e-shop (however, this is not a condition).

Where can I find my personal information and how can I change it?
The View Profile option is available in the "Home" section at the bottom. Here you can change your gender, year of birth, telephone contact, occupation and your password.
How do I sign out of the app?
In the "Home" section, you'll see a profile at the bottom. When viewed you will see the UNSUBSCRIBE option in the upper-right corner of your profile.
Can I delete my account?
Yes, you can delete your account simply in the app itself. In the "Home" section at the bottom, choose Show Profile. Subsequently, at the bottom of the you'll see delete account.
How do I find a connection?
In the "Search" section, choose the default and destination stops. In extended you can check "Direct connections only" and "Barrier-free only" connections'. Also select the desired departure time.

You can also choose from your search history. In this case, the automatically fills in the "Z" field and the "To" field, you no longer need to manually.

For what areas can I buy a ticket?
You can buy a ticket either for a specific service from the starting stop to the destination or for a specific area, which includes urban areas Moravian-Silesian Region, Ostrava XXL or the whole ODIS.
How do I buy a ticket?
Tickets can be purchased in the app in two ways. Either through the section "search" where you can find any connection within the Moravian-Silesian region or through the "Tickets" section, which is used for the purchase of tickets for specific area.

After searching for a connection or area, you will have buy tickets. You choose the number of type and number of tickets and then click "Buy" to be redirected to the payment gateway.

What is the possibility of paying for tickets?
You can pay for your ticket by credit card through the ČSOB payment gateway. You can also store your bank card here, so that you don't have to fill in her details again next time.
How do I buy a ticket for a specific service?
In the "Search" section, choose the connection you want to go to. If the ticket can be on this joint to purchase you will see it in its lower left corner. After selecting connection, you will see the possibility of buying tickets at the very bottom, where you can you choose the type and number of tickets and the form of payment. When you click "Pay" will be redirected to the payment gateway.
How do I buy a ticket for a specific area?
In the "Tickets" section, you select the top tab "Buy tickets" and then select the desired area for which you want to purchase the ticket. Subsequently, you will choose the time length of the ticket and the number of tickets.

For urban areas you have a choice of ticket for 45 minutes or 24 hours for all areas. Attention, these tickets do not apply to train travel within the urban zone.

Ostrava XXL offers tickets for 10 min, 45 min, 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days or 24 hours for all areas. Attention, 10-minute ticket does not apply for train travel within Ostrava XXL.

Only 24 hours are available for the entire ODIS region.

Where can I find all my purchased tickets?
All your tickets will be available in the "Tickets" section at the top "My Tickets" tab.
How do I view departures from a stop?
In the "Departures" section, you can easily find the stop you want, which will give you a list of all the lines and services that have been rides.

After searching for a specific stop, you will see a map at the top where the the stop you have chosen.

For search lines and connections to a given stop, you can only choose specific line/lines for which you want to view the connections. Just click line number.

When will the purchased ticket start valid?
Purchase via the "Search" section:
This ticket for a specific service will take effect no earlier than 5 minutes before scheduled departure of the 1st service from the boarding stop and there will be 15 more minutes after the arrival of the last connection to the final stop.

Purchase via the "Tickets" section –> Buy a ticket:
This ticket for a specific area is valid 2 minutes after the Payment. You cannot have the ticket's validity postponed.

Where can I find contacts to submit a query or complaint?
In the "Home" section at the bottom you will find the option Write to us. Here you can leave your question, suggestion or complaint.
How do I cancel my ticket?
The ticket can be cancelled free of charge no later than 15 minutes before its expiry date. You will do this after click the cancellation button to click the purchased ticket.

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